CEO’s Corner – September 13, 2021


A month ago, Alterity ADR “soft launched” with several goals: to unveil our incredible panel of neutrals, establish a better platform for customer feedback, and set the stage for some exciting initiatives.

The insights we’ve gained will continue to propel us forward as we work to make alternative dispute resolution more diverse and inclusive.  Alterity also aims to increase the level of transparency in ADR— from providing greater intelligence and insights on neutrals to providing clarity around what clients can expect to pay throughout the process.

Over the past few weeks, we have spoken with over two dozen corporate counsel at Fortune 500 companies and 50+ managing partners, heads of litigation, insurance representatives, and Chief Diversity Officers. Some of their feedback included:

  • Virtual ADR is just as effective as in-person proceedings;
  • There’s an increased need for mediation due to the sharp rise in employment, bankruptcy, insurance real estate, professional negligence disputes;
  • There are uneven standards in ADR;
  • It is difficult to vet and determine the quality of emerging ADR practitioners;
  • There’s a strong appetite for cost-effective online dispute resolution options; and
  • Changing consumer expectations and the court of public option have amplified the need for GCs to consider privileging reputational risk over legal liability.

There’s a common thread in the feedback we’ve received– some of which Alterity ADR will address in an impending case study. The crux of their concerns will continue to shape how we show up for our clients to address their needs.

To that end, we have some exciting things in store over the next few weeks:

  • New arbitration rules… with a twist
  • LinkedIn Live series (Follow us @alterityadr on Linkedin to stay in the loop)
  • A new podcast featuring conversations with guests positively impacting their respective industries and communities
  • Resources to help clients and neutrals obtain what we’re all working toward: Better experiences. Better outcomes. Better ADR.

I look forward to staying in touch monthly to share news about the incredible work our neutrals are doing and how Alterity ADR intends to move the needle.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s possible for ADR– whether it’s services you’d like to see or referrals of promising neutrals. Drop me a note at

Marcie Dickson

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