Industry Focus


What does it mean to speak the language of an industry? Knowing what an industry does is not the same as understanding the language of that industry. At Alterity ADR, we know what your industry does AND the language of your industry — which allows us to connect you with industry-specific conflict resolution experts.


Insurance & Reinsurance

We are specialists when it comes to insurance industry claims including disability insurance claims and know the industry’s complex processes. 


Our ADR Technology team is powered by specialized mediators and arbitrators who understand the unique challenges of a technology-based business. 

Banking & Financial Services

Alterity ADR offers the highest quality Alternative Dispute Resolution Services with dispute resolution specialists for the Banking and Financial Services Industry. 


Our Mediation and Arbitration Healthcare Industry Neutrals provide ADR services in matters involving employees, health plans, primary care professional providers, dental clinics, hospitals, managed care companies and other entities in the healthcare industry.

Life Sciences

Our Mediation and Arbitration Life Sciences team is dedicated to providing conflict management solutions to Life Sciences companies (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Medical Devices) who are involved in business disputes as they expand globally.


Our Neutrals provide Mediation and Arbitration Services for the Telecommunications Industry for disputes involving all aspects of the industry including: tariffs, services, equipment, billing or collection matters and other commercial disputes.


Our experienced team provides all forms of dispute resolution services for clients in all sectors of the energy industry globally on economic, environmental and regulatory matters.


Our Alterity Construction Industry Mediation & Arbitration Group specializes in assisting the construction industry to settle disputes and facilitate contract performance through mediation or arbitration.


Our experienced Transportation industry mediators and arbitrators with have over 25 years’ experience in resolving commercial, legal and human resource issues in arbitration and mediation environments.

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