Alterity ADR’s Illinois, Virtual Dispute Resolution Services

Illinois Mediation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Services

It’s enough to make you insane. When you’re in a dispute with a colleague, client or family member, even the simplest decisions—whether to send the first email, call or write that first letter—can become torturous. At Alterity ADR, we understand that conflict is a part of everyday life and can be resolved with both legal and ethical remedies, such as mediation and arbitration. We don’t trivialize your concerns; in fact, we take them very seriously. Our diverse team of resolution specialists are intelligent and creative professionals who will think outside and inside of the box to find an approach that works for your specific needs. They will consider the big picture, protecting your relationships, reputation and business by keeping their eyes on the goal of mutual resolution at all times.

At Alterity ADR, our expert mediators and arbitrators are well versed in the current advancement of online dispute resolution services (ODR), and they are well-equipped to navigate the challenges, and opportunities, of mediation in a virtual environment. 

Alterity ADR strives to provide long-term solutions through transparent and empathetic advice, recommending the most ethical course of action for each specific case. We focus solely on the intricacies of business and personal disputes and strive to find practical and efficient ways to resolve conflicts. In a world that seems increasingly litigious, our resolutions are tailored to your specific needs, not only helping you manage current conflicts, but engaging in future conflict prevention with our careful analysis of your dispute. There’s conflict, and then there’s Alterity ADR. Our professionals are capable of resolving even the most complex and delicate disputes with a creative solution that solves the problem while ensuring your continued success.

For more information about scheduling a service or finding the appropriate neutral for your case, contact: 888-258-1237 or email Virtual, hybrid and in-person options are available.



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