Alterity ADR’s Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach Dispute Resolution Services

Miami Mediation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Services

Situated in the heart of Miami, Alterity ADR (Miami) are on hand to provide the personal and efficient specialist legal services you will need to help with any dispute or mediation in Miami, whether it be a conflict that occurred with your business partner or a family dispute. Our extensive knowledge of law and our diverse experience with a wide range of business, and personal, disputes gives us a unique insight into complex situations. We pride ourselves on providing efficient, creative and practical solutions to the most complex conflicts arising between you, your colleagues and your clients.

At Alterity ADR, our expert mediators and arbitrators are well versed in the current advancement of online dispute resolution services (ODR), and they are well-equipped to navigate the challenges, and opportunities, of mediation in a virtual environment. 

When you are in the middle of a conflict, it is important to address the issue with professionals who understand what you require. As a professional, long-lasting resolution is necessary for both you and the other party to leave the dispute with their needs met. Alterity ADR Miami provides an expert approach to each conflict. With experienced industry-specific professionals and a custom solution, we are confident in our ability to create and suggest mutually beneficial resolutions. Working with us, you will never be left wondering how to manage your dispute.

For more information about scheduling a service or finding the appropriate neutral for your case, contact: 888-258-1237 or email Virtual, hybrid and in-person options are available.





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