Alterity ADR’s Tallahassee, Virtual Dispute Resolution Services

Tallahassee Mediation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Services

Transcending barriers with expert dispute resolution, Alterity ADR helps you manage unexpected business conflicts and challenges, no matter the severity. Our diverse team of arbitrators and mediators includes former litigators and jurists, people of color, women, and LGBTQ+, with each having a wide range of expertise to address the needs of all. We offer expansive solutions for unexpected challenges that arise in business environments with our artful, unique resolution methods for all parties involved.

At Alterity ADR, our expert mediators and arbitrators are well versed in the acceleration of online dispute resolution (ODR), and they are well equipped to help navigate any challenges that may arise.

Arbitrations and mediations are an effective way to settle disputes without the time-consuming and expensive procedures of traditional court proceedings. Going through disputes in a non-adversarial manner allows all parties to maintain professional and personal relationships beyond the scope of the mediation, which in turn gives them a chance to consider unique agreements that can lead to diverse outcomes and opportunities.

For more information about scheduling a service or finding the appropriate neutral for your case, contact: 888-258-1237 or email booking@alterityadr.com. Virtual, hybrid and in-person options are available.


Linda Bond Edwards


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