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Alterity ADR’s Virtual, Washington D.C. Dispute Resolution Services

Washington D.C. Mediation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Services

Alterity ADR’s (Alterity Alternative Dispute Resolution) method of conflict resolution is a proactive approach to resolving disputes, protecting relationships, minimizing fallout and maintaining integrity. Alterity professionals take an efficient and effective approach to resolving conflicts successfully. No need for lengthy litigations attracting the attention of media, or the long-term resentment involved in average disputes. With expertise in every industry, we work diligently to maintain and protect your professional reputation. Approach conflict resolution with a professional and custom approach—Our resolutions are creative, customized to your exact needs, and provided in a timely manner.

At Alterity ADR, our expert mediators and arbitrators are well versed in the current advancement of online dispute resolution services (ODR), and they are well-equipped to navigate the challenges, and opportunities, of mediation in a virtual environment.

We provide peace of mind by steadying personal and professional relationships during these stressful times. We remain transparent during all interactions, work tirelessly to find a win-win solution for all parties, and maintain healthy client relationships. By assessing each situation objectively, we provide knowledgeable opinions instantaneously in order to address each conflict effectively. As a professional conflict resolution company, fixing the problem is always the best strategy. We built this company on the belief that when our clients confide in us to resolve their issues, we need to put our heart into making sure everyone walks away happy. Alterity ADR (Washington, DC) is committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise in conflict resolution, and we are here to help you manage each conflict with care.

For more information about scheduling a service or finding the appropriate neutral for your case, contact: 888-258-1237 or email booking@alterityadr.com. Virtual, hybrid and in-person options are available.



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