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Alterity ADR’s Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach Dispute Resolution Services

West Palm Beach Mediation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Services

Your reputation is priceless and essential to your success. Alterity Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professionals work with you to resolve your conflict in a fast, comprehensive manner that protects your best interests and overall business goals. We specialize in counseling for businessmen, businesswomen and corporations who want to solve their disputes quickly, privately, and calmly. As a result of our lengthy history of successful resolutions over the years, we have developed access to the most reputable professionals in our field at every level of industry, and our approach is customized by each client to meet his or her specific needs. We take pride in the solutions that we provide our clients, and treat every case as unique and confidential.

At Alterity ADR, our expert mediators and arbitrators are well versed in the current advancement of online dispute resolution services (ODR), and they are well-equipped to navigate the challenges, and opportunities, of mediation in a virtual environment.

Alterity ADR (West Palm Beach) provides a unique approach to conflict resolution in the workplace. Alterity consists of a team of specialists working in concert to find win-win solutions to commercial and private conflicts. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise in conflict resolution and are here to help you manage each conflict with care. With formal training in conflict resolution, and an approach that centers on fairness for all parties involved, Alterity ADR is trusted to resolve conflicts in business, employment, litigation and personal relationships – successfully. Alterity ADR can help settle and de-escalate even the most complicated situations with intelligence, professionalism and integrity.

For more information about scheduling a service or finding the appropriate neutral for your case, contact: 888-258-1237 or email booking@alterityadr.com. Virtual, hybrid and in-person options are available.



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