Virtual ADR – The Great Equalizer


As the world becomes increasingly digital, Virtual ADR has taken center stage as an effective, efficient, fast, and cost-effective dispute resolution tool. In many ways, the ability to resolve disputes using an online platform is a great equalizer.

As technology advances, so does dispute resolution. Virtual ADR offers a new and fair way to settle legal issues – more efficiently and with greater flexibility than traditional methods. As a result, not only can you quickly and efficiently resolve a legal dispute, but you can do it from the comfort of your home or office without the high expense of going to court. 

Virtual ADR Is Here To Stay

Confronting a legal problem can be a very stressful and intimidating experience. Here at Alterity ADR, understanding that Virtual ADR is here to stay, we have created processes that take into consideration the entire Virtual ADR eco-system, designing complementary pathways for case resolution that differ from our in-person resolution approach. Why? Because Virtual ADR is not in-person ADR and should not be treated as a short-term substitute. We’ve seen it grow to widespread adoption within just the last 15 months. We also understand that participation in online ADR changes the way legal professionals work and consider concepts like confidentiality, convenience, compromise. 

According to The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, National Survey of Members conducted online June 17-June 30, 2021:

  • Over the last 12 months, averaged out across the nation, their members convened a mean average of 91.6% of cases online, with less than 9% in-person.
  • NADN members report their settlement rate online is be the same (or “Better”!) than meeting in-person.
  • Customers have reported to mediators that they appreciate that key decision makers really have no excuse now not to attend the session (“Better Attendance”), with others saying that the parties are actually more engaged in the process (“Better Engagement”), perhaps due to being more at ease in their own homes.

A Virtual ADR Eco-System

Consequently, we have adopted Virtual ADR to our organization’s DNA, designing our governance around online case management to enable all users to conveniently communicate as well as store, manage and access assets in a secure setting. We know you’re just as excited about this new way of resolving disputes as we are. The use of virtual meeting rooms, conference spaces, and virtual asset management in mediation and arbitration proceedings complements the resolution objective by reducing the burden of participation on all parties. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you become our partner in the great equalizer that is Virtual ADR:

  • Specific policies and procedures to facilitate the entire Virtual ADR process with an eye toward incorporating automation tools that enhance the online experience;
  • A secure, virtual, confidential setting to communicate with all participants as well as break out rooms for private communications between parties;
  • Flexible meeting times that can accommodate parties in different cities, countries, and time zones;
  • A Virtual Asset Management system that allows for sharing information and generating electronic documentation that meets the needs of each party; and 
  • Quick and efficient resolution without disrupting routine business activities. 

Transforming The Way Parties To A Dispute Interact

Alterity’s Virtual ADR program has the flexibility to adapt to our client’s specific needs, whether those needs are related to geographic location, cost reduction, or different technological or physical abilities. We are transforming the way parties to a dispute interact with each other, and we are improving the efficiency of ADR processes through innovative technology.

Our vision is to make it possible for all parties to have cost-effective, efficient, and confidential ADR meetings wherever they are in the world with an identical experience, whether they are using a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

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