Guiding Principles

Excellence + Learning

We are committed to training and supporting the broader community of neutrals to enhance the future of ADR.

Our commitment to learning extends to the broader community. We aspire to diversify the ADR landscape by investing in dispute resolution training and community-based education initiatives.

Human Centric Design

Customer-centered resolution processes are an imperative. We lead with empathy and welcome all parties into the ADR design. 

Parties looking to resolve disputes need confidence in the ADR process. What does it take to earn that confidence? That question is at the heart of what we call a human-centered design to dispute resolution. Your needs guide what we do.

Inclusion + Diversity

Diverse teams lead to inclusive environments and superior results. Our resolutions reflect the diversity of our clients. 


We leverage diversity in the broadest sense — experiences, skills, beliefs, education, age, race, ethnicity, varying physical abilities, gender, sexuality, citizenship status, upbringing, culture, background. Our distinguished panel of diverse neutrals is well informed, highly empathetic, and poised to collaborate in an ADR design that is more likely to instill confidence in both the process and outcome.

Technology + Data

We are committed to pioneering technologies and data solutions that impact ADR. 


At Alterity we understand that businesses are undergoing digital transformation. We embrace and develop technologies to optimize operational efficiencies, enhance user experiences, augment neutral preparedness, and deliver equitable results.

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