About Us

Our commitment to diversity and to building a different ADR landscape is inscribed in our name. Derived from the Latin alter, meaning ‘other,’ our branding is a constant reminder that we are in the business of embracing different parties and perspectives and that our panel of neutrals must not only reflect but also actively promote the diversity of the world we all share.

Our name signals the distinctiveness of our mission and purpose.

Our neutrals and team members have a resolute focus on delivering experiences for our clients with honesty, expertise, and deliberate care. We pride ourselves in using data and technologies to ensure that our panel of neutrals is well prepared. We support and insist on Neutral preparedness, which is key to providing participants with confidence in the process.

Our commitment to curiosity and innovation is core to influencing and transforming the ADR culture as we know it.

We are committed to influencing and creating technologies and data solutions that influence ADR delivery models, neutral preparedness, and drive better outcomes.

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